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    Jason Mraz is excited to announce his “Tour is a Four Letter Word” North American Tour. In an effort to make sure his fans get first access to tickets and to the best seats at the affordable prices that Jason has set, we are implementing new ticketing practices. Many of the venues on the tour will utilize Paperless Ticketing for the seats closest to the stage that are most commonly resold at extravagant premiums by scalpers. For these seats only, instead of receiving tickets before the event, the credit card used to make the purchase will serve as your ticket. If you bought the ticket(s), you’ll have to present your credit card upon entry to the venue and you will have to accompany your guest(s). Paperless tickets are only transferable using Ticketmaster TicketExchange where tickets can only be sold at no more than 20% above the face value of the ticket. It is very important to review all the policies of Paperless Ticketing before completing your purchase – details and a helpful FAQ can be found here. Even in the venues where Paperless Ticketing is utilized, regular tickets will still be available for purchase, but the locations of those seats will be further from the stage. Additionally, there will be some restrictions on the number of tickets you’re allowed to purchase, so be sure to read everything carefully!

    In some venues where we play there is an existing subscription ticket system in place. We have worked closely with these venues to get their promise that the seats sold on subscription that fall into our Paperless Ticketing prime areas will be restricted from transfer and will require the season ticketholders to pick them up at the box office on the night of the show and immediately enter the venue. We apologize for any inconvenience to these fans also, and thank them for helping us try to implement a fair system for distributing tickets at a reasonable price for all interested fans.

    Finally, there will be a one-time opportunity for each show to support the Jason Mraz Foundation. We will set aside 20 packages supporting the Foundation that will be available on for $250. Each package will include one front row ticket*, a pre-show meet & greet with Jason, and a special gift bag. This money will go directly to the Foundation to support its work. These tickets are limited to 2 per person or household and must be picked up at the box office by the person who purchased them.

    *Ticket will be in front row in most venues. In some markets where 20 front row seats are not available, other arrangements for premium seating have been made. Please check the description on each ticket page.

    Nothing means more to Jason than YOU, his fans, and he wants the best seats to go directly to YOU and not to scalpers. These new policies are meant to ensure that you’re given the best seats and the best experience at the prices set for the tour, not at inflated prices. Enjoy the show!