TREE is a “for” letter word.

August 3, 2012

When I fly to New Orleans tomorrow, connecting through Dallas, to kick off the North American Tour, I will take my 56th and 57th flight of 2012.


I’ve been counting.


Never mind what all that flying does to the atmosphere. I wonder what all that flying does to one’s blood. Skin. or brain. At 30 thousand feet, one is more exposed to cosmic radiation than those on the ground. And the body scans one endures in security emit as much radiation as being in the air for 3 minutes. I’m no scientist, but I deduce this may be why I think look hot in an airplane bathroom mirror; which, similarly to how I sometimes feel at 2am, is an inconvenient time and place to feel the most confident.


Being a frequent flyer has made me more aware of my carbon footprint. Never mind my solar house, electric car, ban of plastics and local/organic food fetish. I travel through the air enough to make all those other efforts moot. I may look green on paper, but if carbon had a prom, I’d be carbon king.


So, inspired to offset and sequester carbon in the atmosphere, I came up with this little calculation to give back.


For every domestic flight, I plant one tree.

For every international flight, I plant five.

TIMES the amount of people I’m traveling with, which can been as many as 23 people on some legs.


Based on this modest carbon sequestering calculation and the number of flights I’ve made this year, times the entourage, I owe the planet 2425 trees to offset my time in the sky.

So far I’ve planted 33.


2392 more to go. That is, until I fly again, and again and again, which will keep the number increasing…


Why Trees? See the quick video below.



At home in California I’ve teamed up with a local non-profit “Stand For Sam” whose mission it is to reforest and restore the lungs of the Earth. With their help I funded the planting of 27 Oaks at the new High Tech High School in San Marcos, CA - AND set up a few plantings we’ll be doing in various parts of the country on this summer’s tour.


We also planted a Meyer Lemon in our backyard. An avocado tree in Singapore. And was recently gifted 4 fruit trees for my birthday. Thank you Warner Music & Cyndi Lauper! (Wink Wink Gregory Lewis, Ross and Ashley!) Stay tuned for pictures.


We’re off to a great start and still have a long way to go. You’ll be able to help too at the shows. Look for the info about tweeting and texting to support the planting of trees thanks to our partners at Reverb and Green The World. It’s never been easier to be green.


That being said. We’ll have water refill stations at our concerts so you won’t have to buy the expensive plastic stuff. Stay tuned to find out more about that.


Time to fly…

  • Avatar of laura.jaye.5
    laura.jaye.5 said ...

    Hooray! I’m going to start helping to clean up our ocean and shores too.
    Love the ocean and plant more trees. This will lead to many good things. :-)

  • Avatar of Marleen73
    Marleen73 said ...

    Love the trees!

    I’m saving up seeds from every pepper, bell peper, (some of the seeds from) tomatoes, zuchinni, etc..
    to grow and to be able to share with others.. nearby or further away on earth..

    Like people in desperate positions due to having to flee their house/country, like this project does support:

    knowing that you eat loads of veggies and fruit.. that could also be an option:
    share your love of growing your own food in the nearby community, schools who have/want to start a growing project.. Even the small kids know you, since you helped Elmo come out..
    (hehehe, that sounds different than it’s supposed too, but whatever.. laughter is good for the soul!)

  • Avatar of Jeff_432
    Jeff_432 said ...


    What Wood Jason Do?

    Plant a tree. Choose love.

  • Avatar of gigi.ross
    gigi.ross said ...

    Jason, we just moved to San Marcos.

    In about 7 years, my kids will attend either High Tech High or San Marcos High.

    You rock.

  • Avatar of Billi0179
    Billi0179 said ...

    When I thought it was impossible to like him more… BAM! Let’s plaint trees! Damn it Jason!

  • Avatar of mrazwordplay
    mrazwordplay said ...

    I planted some treeswith you in mind earlier this year, so Vancouver is covered! Of course, it’s not the same as you going down there and doing it though! Here’s a book you might like: “Eating Dirt” Charlotte Gill Some of my old classmates did this for a summer job…some really liked it and went back…others didn’t. But thank goodness for those that do!

  • Avatar of K.T.
    K.T. said ...

    In my crowded city, planting a tree means paying money to buy a land firstly; so then I thought how about to plant the tree in my heart as a starting point to plant the green. Save the light energy could be said save a tree to be cut. If the result is said more green to our beloved enviroment, then I guess decrease lost of trees to be cut is equally important to increase the trees. For tiny me at the point, this is a more approachable way to do so, greene planted in heart and act out like changed office paper to re-used ones, turned-off light when leave the room, no use on plastic tableware…etc. And thank you very much for this reminder.

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    You have a few lives left! Be curious!

    Come and get to know me through my writing at I created it so that I would feel a commitment to write. It’s a simple website without too many bells and whistles because it’s my first and because I created it with my limited knowledge of css and html (little to none).

    Thank you for reading!


  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Cheers, boy! Happy first concert of your Love is a four letter word tour, American style!

    New Orleans/Dallas/Houston fans: You’re so lucky! These cities were my best bet to see Jason Mraz live, but I just couldn’t get away. I intend to nurse my disappointment tomorrow with the biggest frozen margarita I can find.

    I have a feeling that next time I see Jason Mraz in concert, I’ll see him in a city that I never expected to be in.

    Love, moon people!

  • Avatar of julhuston
    julhuston said ...

    Please fly United!! We were the first North American airline to fly a bio-fuel commercial flight.
    We used a mix of jet fuel and algae and partnered with a bio-fuel company to develop viable alternate fuel sources going forward! Also, we have a significant focus on greening the skies- you can see our commitment at

    Love you! See you in New Orleans (after my flight there!)

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Moonrock => rock star

    Flip over => fall in love with

    You got it!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    “Curiosity, there seems to be a land mass in the upper left quadrant of our screen. Explore at soonest opportunity. It looks promising. We may find life on this planet yet. Proceed with caution.”

    Had to update my reference.

    Love to the Moon on the Man

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    I thought I’d be working till at least 9:00PM, but the technology wouldn’t work (yay technology!), so I went where there ain’t no sunshine. Man, it was bright up in there!

    (I grew up talking this way. You can take the girl outta the hood…)

  • Avatar of 100000629553430

    I am sure the influence you have by your journal, music and traveling around the world to share the message of love far out weighs your carbon footprint. Unfortunately we lost one our 150 year old giant oaks last night in a storm. That tree held so many family memories for us and we are sad. Reading your journal has inspired us to plant two oaks in our yard. Imagine if each person who attends your concerts plants one tree. How many would that be? Would that offset your carbon footprint? Please keep using your gifts and talents and love to inspire and influence us to keep sharing our gifts and talents and love! Love and Peace

  • Avatar of 100000629553430

    You have more influence with this journal and your music, than the harm you do traveling to inspire us to do good. Unfortunately one our our giant 150 year old oak trees fell on our house last night during a storm. That tree was part of our family memories and we all feel so sad, but reading your journal, we have decided to plant two oaks in our yard. Imagine each person at each concert planting just one tree each. How many would that be. I think that would offset your footprint and more. Keep sharing your love and influencing us to share us. Peace and love to you always!

  • Avatar of lovePEAR
    lovePEAR said ...

    Awesome! So simple :) It is really good to hear & see someone with means to care so much for our environment, Thank you for being aware & generous, Thank you.
    And take care of yourself, who cares about the looks what matters is that you keep your health to keep going and keep inspiring ! You deserve to feel 100% confident all the time whether you’re flying high or looking down, your heart rules :)

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Traffic school? What did you do?!!

    The girls are driving the Mini Moon Mope. All you have to do is hop on the back!

  • Avatar of gamachan
    gamachan said ...

    This means I was right several posts ago.

    Good job you forest creator!

  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    Instagram: I didn’t know the Jason Mraz tour was going to the moon! Might as well. You’ve already taken us to the stars.

    But aren’t ya’ll underdressed?!! You’re gonna flip over a moonrock for sure!


  • Avatar of mrazfan1031
    mrazfan1031 said ...

    Hi Jason. You are so right. We simply must plant trees. Save travels. See you in concert.

    Love and Peace.


  • Avatar of Telluselle
    Telluselle said ...

    I love trees. They provide me with stability and a good perspective on life through their mere presence. And an apple tree doesn’t mourn when it looses an apple, but trust there will be new next season.

  • Avatar of freeflyingroot

    Enjoy , I’m gonna cultivate a prayer for you,the air and all trees who are still to be planted, don’t worry!

    happy sunday, eva

  • Avatar of crystale80
    crystale80 said ...

    Thank you infinitely, Jason, to support our work daily (since so long) and know that you will be heard (on both your reputation) more than us, anonyme.
    Huge respect for you and your musical work.
    We will meet you on november 12 to PARIS.MERCI.

  • Avatar of Candy
    Candy said ...

    Jason you never stop impressing us on how great your character is.
    Yup in some way you’re the carbon king, but without these carbon footprints we won’t be able to meet you and your great crew and band. Good deeds done by you guys and the positiveness you spread around has certainly offset all ….. plus now you’re recompensing it with full swing tree-planting…full support!!


  • Avatar of normason
    normason said ...

    A propos of your blog: Stop counting.

    A propos of your instagram: I LOVE that lamp!

    A propos of nothing: Kitties, like human beings, are not all cut from the same cloth. Ebony, the fat black cat that lives next door to a friend’s house, came to say hello today. Most of the time, he can’t be bothered, but when he is reduced to such depths, he usually tries to bite me when I reach out to touch him. I must either be simple or a glutton for punishment because I keep trying. He let me pet him today but it wasn’t long before he reached up with his claws and mouth. He wanted to play, not be petted. He’s a big kitty, so when he caught my finger in his teeth, I decided to put some distance between my fingers and his teeth and use a stick to play with him. Unfortunately, he still caught my finger with a claw. I had to use a longer stick, but couldn’t play very long because I had something to do in the front yard. When I came back, he jumped out at me from under the house and grabbed my leg. It was a good thing I had on pants or I would be slobbering Lanabiotic on some pretty decent scratches.

    So, Mraz, you’re a cat whisperer of sorts. Was that an ambush or did the kitty want to play some more? Actually, I know he was trying to play. I just wanted to tell you a story.


  • Avatar of GloriousMe
    GloriousMe said ...

    I planted two fruit trees in the back yard this summer…I’ll let you count them. Also, if evergreen bushes count, I planted five. So long as the universe doesn’t object, you’re down to 2385. Your welcome. So excited to see the show!

  • Avatar of Thinker
    Thinker said ...

    Please search on the internet and on youtube for Willie Smits and see his reforest program in Borneo. Deep respect for his work. Love.